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Commercial Landscaping

Austin Commercial Landscaping

Sullivan’s Services Creates Landscaping Magic

Your commercial space needs to send a positive, welcoming message to visitors, guests, and clients. It can’t do that if the landscaping is drab, outdated, or worse-for-wear. When you need to revitalize your commercial property and help it capture your vision, come to Sullivan’s Services. Our Austin commercial landscaping professionals love to get to know new customers, discover their visions, and make them come to life with our services. We are known for making magic out of the mundane! We also can provide expert outdoor lighting for your business.

How To Improve Your Commercial Property With Landscaping

As you drive around Austin, you can see plenty of commercial complexes that look nearly identical to the next. They are mostly gray, blocky buildings with concrete footpaths and surroundings. Do not let your commercial property blend in and look bland! Give it personality and style – ranging from contemporary and professional to creative and whimsical – with the help of our commercial landscaping services in Austin. Make sure to check out our glowing reviews and see what everyone is saying!

Our Austin commercial landscaping services include but are not limited to:

  • Landscape design and installation: Before we get into the details of your commercial landscaping project, we need to get an idea of the design you prefer first. You can sit down with our team members to come up with a landscape design that fits your vision. Once the design and outline are finalized, we’ll get to work on installing all pieces, components, features, and accents. 
  • Outdoor lighting: Don’t forget the lighting throughout your commercial landscape. You can use accent lights to highlight specific trees or shrubs, setting the atmosphere after the sun goes down. Or, if you like contemporary designs, you may just want lighting around walkways and stairs to promote safety.
  • Irrigation: Keeping your landscaping healthy and looking your best is easier with an efficient irrigation system. Our lawn care experts can help install, repair, or maintain your sprinkler system and other irrigation features.