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Landscape Services

Austin Landscaping Services

Complete Care For All Your Landscaping Needs

A beautiful, sprawling lawn can make any house look and feel like a home. Whether you just moved in a home with a plain-looking yard or it’s been a while since you’ve paid attention to your outdoor living space,  Sullivan’s Services  is here to help! We specialize in all things landscaping and  lawn care . No job is too big or too small for our landscaping specialists—we handle everything with close attention to detail. Since 2012, our local company has completed hundreds of residential and commercial landscaping projects throughout Austin and the surrounding areas. We look forward to helping you as well. Let us transform your home’s exterior into a beautiful sanctuary you and your family can enjoy.

Sullivan’s Services specializes in a wide range of Austin landscaping services:

Landscape design and installation – When you want a one-of-a-kind landscape but don’t know exactly how it would look, turn to our team. We have talented professional landscape designers and architects that can help you see your vision clearly and bring it to life.

Irrigation system repair and installation – Lawn care takes a lot of work, but we can help make things easier by installing high-quality irrigation systems that can ensure the health and lushness of your yard.

Outdoor lighting design and installation – Are you only able to use your yard during the day? Make the most out of it when you call Sullivan’s Services for expert outdoor lighting design and installation. We even use LED lights for better energy efficiency.

Lawn care – From mowing to weeding, our team has the knowledge and equipment to make sure your yard stays beautiful no matter what the elements bring.

Our Austin landscaping experts also provide tree care and pressure washing services to ensure that your yard looks impeccable.

Why You Should Hire A Landscaping Company

Our team is ready to listen to your landscape ideas and help you actualize them all. We stand behind our work and do everything the way we would want it done in our home. From beginning to end, you can trust us that we deliver nothing but excellent work and customer care.

Benefits of hiring a professional landscaper:

Increased home value – hiring a professional landscaper usually more than pays for itself. Having a beautiful, professionally designed yard can help improve the value of your home and has a great return on investment value.

Hassle-free – although DIY projects can be fun, they can also involve a lot of work and potentially cost more in the long run. Unless your yard makeover consists of adding a few plants you should leave the landscaping work to the professionals.

Reduced water bill – professionally installed irrigation systems can help save you a significant amount of money on your water bills.

Expert opinion – a good landscaping company such as Sullivan’s can help you identify the best materials to use for the topography of your yard as well as the climate you live in.

4 Signs You Need Landscaping Services

1. Dead grass or dying plants – If your grass is browning or your plants are wilting, then you’ve likely either got issues with your soil, irrigation, or sunlight. Properly assessing which cause is your problem, and which solution will work best will demand a our Austin landscaping experts so give us a call.

2. Your neighbors yard looks better than yours – When it comes to your lawn, there is no better test than the eye-test. If your neighbor’s lawn just flat out looks better than yours, we’ll turn around the look of your lawn in no time.

3. Overgrown grass – If you have grass growth covering up your sidewalks or plants that are simply out of control, then call in your local landscaping services to get your lawn looking well maintained.

4. You can’t see your home or yard at night – Without proper outdoor lighting, your house will look unwelcoming to those you want over, and might look a little too welcoming to malicious actors scoping potential targets.

Professional landscaping offers many benefits such as improving your curb appeal, increasing your property value, and providing you and your family with a charming and functional outdoor area. Having a lush, exquisite exterior also gives business owners and property managers the advantage of attracting potential clients or simply boosting the sensibilities of their employees and tenants. Whatever goals you have in mind, our professional Austin landscapers can help you achieve them and more. Make sure you check out our rave reviews!