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Austin Irrigation Installation And Repair

Professional Sprinkler Services

The grass is greener where you water it—but if watering your entire yard takes so much of your time, consider installing your own sprinkler system. Sullivan’s Services provides high-quality irrigation systems and services for your home or commercial property in Austin. Our landscape specialists can even help you choose the system that would work best for the particular needs of your lawn and your budget. We have a wide selection of irrigation systems including types of sprinkler heads from top manufacturers that all come with unbeatable warranties. Additionally, we provide repair and maintenance for existing lawn sprinklers, regardless of the brand or model.

Common Irrigation Services

Irrigation systems make lawn care easier on any homeowner. That is why when something goes wrong, the effects are simply hard to ignore. Whether your yard has turned into a swamp or has dried up or you are looking at an exorbitant water bill, let our Austin irrigation experts help you. 

We can solve any lawn sprinkler issues, including:

  • Broken sprinkler heads – Broken heads can waste a ton of water and cause your water bill to go up dramatically due to it. Inspect your lawn after each time the lawn is mowed. You’ll want to find the broken sprinkler head before it ends up driving your water bill up.
  • Misting – Misting is what happens when the water pressure is too high coming through your sprinkler head. Your sprinkler heads should operate somewhere around 30 psi. Contact us today and we can come and inspect your irrigation system.
  • Running sprinkler even if it’s raining – Wireless rain sensors are one way we can help your irrigation system run at maximum efficiency. These sensors can connect wirelessly to your sprinkler controller and shut off the sprinklers at the slightest hint of rain.
  • Mature Shrub Blocking Irrigation – When this problem occurs, it is most likely that you’ll need to switch to a drip irrigation. If you were to keep your original spinkler system, you’d have to trim back your shrubs so far back taht they wouldn’t look much like shrubs anymore. Call us today for more information on how a drip system would work for your yard.

Sullivan’s Services has been providing prompt, reliable irrigation system repairs to both residential and commercial clients in the area. Our Austin Irrigation repair & installation technicians not only have the experience but also the skills and equipment to accurately diagnose and solve any sprinkler system problems. We also provide professional outdoor lighting services! We can also advise you whether a replacement is more practical, especially for homeowners with older irrigation systems.

Best Practices For Irrigation Services

Sprinkler systems make life a lot easier when it comes to keeping your lawn green. Everyone wants their lawns to look full and lush and we have provided a few tips below on how to most effectively use your irrigation system.

  • Water Early – It’s usually best to run your sprinkler system before the sun rises to get the most efficient watering. You’ll want to avoid watering at night as the grass blades will retain that moisture and make it more susceptible to fungal diseases. Contact our expert Austin Irrigation services for more sprinkler advice!
  • Wait Before Watering – Avoid turning on your sprinklers just because it’s been a couple days since the last time your watered. Our suggestion is that you wait until you notice signs that the grass is looking a little parched. Allowing your grass to experience a little bit of water stress actually helps the roots of the grass to grow deeper into the soil.
  • Be Flexible – It’s okay to have a flexible water schedule for your lawn. Adjust your lawn’s watering schedule as the seasons change.

Sprinkler Repair VS. Replacement

When your sprinkler system breaks down, you’re left with two options. You can either opt for sprinkler repair or consider replacing your system outright. While sprinkler repair may always seem like the cheaper option, it isn’t the cost-effective measure if you’re noticing any of the following:

  • Your replacing sprinkler heads every other week – At some point, hiring another Austin sprinkler repair contractor is going to become more expensive then replacing your system outright.
  • One repair is going to cost you too much – When you’re electing for an expensive repair, do so with caution particularly with old systems. At some point throwing more time and money into a dying system is more money in the long run is sprinkler installation is around the corner.
  • Issues with the pipes – While our Austin sprinkler repair experts will always be in to fix a pipe, if you’re going to need an entire repipe then it might be time for new sprinkler installation.
  • Old age – Usually sprinkler systems will last you 20 years, while sprinkler heads can average 3-15 years depending on the quality. Sinking money into fixing old parts and systems is always more money lost in the long run.
  • Changes in landscaping – If you’re changing the landscaping or harscaping of your yard, always factor in any potential ways that could affect your irrigation. Consult our Austin sprinkler installation experts if you forsee any issues.

Call For Reliable Irrigation Services In Austin

From choosing the right lawn sprinklers to providing quality installation to handling the repairs, Sullivan’s Services has all your needs covered. We can even provide you with regular maintenance services in which we annually inspect your irrigation system, report back any potential issues, and offer recommendations to solve them right away for your peace of mind. Make sure to check out our reviews!