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Enhance curb appeal and help your lawn and landscaping stand out with Sullivan’s full clean-up service. Your outdoor space can be refreshed as often as you like, but most clients prefer to revive their lawn and flower beds at the start of the spring and fall seasons. At Sullivan’s Landscape and Lawn Service, we want your residential or commercial landscaping to give a great first impression with lush greenery and well-tended spaces. As the local, full-service landscape and lawn care company, Sullivan’s is the professional and dedicated team to establish, maintain, and revive your residential or commercial landscaping in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas.

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Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

-Tree Trimming- Prevent excessive growth, which will block your lawn from sunlight, with our tree trimming service. Additionally, pruning unnecessary and excess branches not only protects the structural shape and weight distribution of your trees, but promotes healthy growth by preventing harmful diseases from spreading.

-Mulch- Provide your landscaping with a face-lift by mulching your plants and beds with a protective and attractive fresh layer. The benefits of mulching include shielding against extreme heat and dry winds, and adding optimal nutrients for annual and perennial plants.

-Weeding- Prevent competitive weed growth from over-crowding landscaping and grass, and from using vital nutrients and water sources. Let Sullivan’s lawn care team take care of this tedious task, and schedule along with fresh mulch and shrub trimming for a visually appealing look.

-Shrub Trimming- Routine shrub trimming improves appearance and promotes flowering. Remove dead, overgrown, or diseased branches for adequate sunlight, a structurally sound shrub, and an updated landscape appeal.

-Leaf Removal- Schedule our leaf removal service to contribute to new lawn installation, not allowing your grass or soil to be deprived of proper sunlight and air. Leaf removal is necessary to allow evaporation and prevent mold, and our team at Sullivan’s Landscape and Lawn Service is happy to take care of this for you.

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