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Lawn Care Services

Austin Lawn Care Services


At Sullivan’s Landscaping we specialize in comprehensive lawn care for both residential and commercial properties. With over 8 years’ experience tending to lawns and flower beds in Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and the surrounding areas, we have built a dedicated staff of carefully selected lawn care team members, based on their knowledge and work ethic. At Sullivan’s we take lawn care very seriously, taking the time to get to know our customers’ expectations and preferences, as well as the specific needs of their properties. We strive to make Austin lawns both beautiful and healthy green spaces, and understand that doesn’t happen all on its own. Consistent routine maintenance and preventative care is vital to ensuring your lawn is in top shape. Our lawn care packages include both basic and comprehensive maintenance options, scaled to fit within your budget and specific lawn care needs. 

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We know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to lawn services and you have several choices. That is why we’re sure that by hiring our Austin lawn care team, you will enjoy the benefit of having your lawn maintained to your personal preference.  
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Lawn Mowing

Transforming your uncut grass into a manicured yard requires regular and thorough mowing to reduce the stress on your lawn. At Sullivan’s we offer weekly and bi weekly lawn mowing, along with fertilization, aeration, top dressing, and lawn replacement to keep damage to a minimum and maximize appropriate growth rates. Our dependable team is the trusted Austin lawn care service provider to maintain and supervise your property, understanding one size doesn’t fit all, and will maintain your unique lawn to your personal preference. With our weekly and biweekly mowing packages to both commercial and residential customers, Sullivan’s lawn care team will keep your yard looking and feeling full and healthy, by allowing adequate sunlight and desired growth.

Complete Lawn Management

If your lawn is regularly mowed, receives the full treatment of weed prevention, and has proper irrigation yet still isn’t in the top shape we aim for, you may want to consider these additional services for optimal growth.

Top Dressing– Following up your aeration with top dressing adds vital nutrients and creates layered soil depths, promoting lush and healthy grass. Top dressing is ideal for both residential and commercial lawns, reducing stress, repairing damage, and contributing to steady growth rates.
New lawn Installation– Add an environment and micro-climate suitable sod type.
Tree trimming– Trim over crowded trees to provide adequate sunlight for your sod and soil.