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Choosing The Right Landscape Maintenance Contractors This Spring

Choosing The Right Landscape Maintenance Contractors This Spring

Choosing The Right Landscape Maintenance Contractors This SpringThe right landscape maintenance contractors can have a huge impact on your property. Experts who understand your landscaping’s unique needs are better positioned to provide the best care possible, maintaining your curb appeal and keeping your property in great shape. Whether you have an expansive commercial complex or a simple residential lawn, choosing the right contractors for your landscape in Austin is important.

Here are several factors you should consider before hiring a landscape maintenance company.

What Should I Look Into When Searching for Maintenance Contractors?

Finding available landscape maintenance companies is the easy part. What many property owners find difficult is choosing a company that can meet their needs to a tee while providing top-notch service every step of the way.

Before you reach out to landscape maintenance companies, do your due diligence. Anyone can say they offer landscape maintenance services. However, not all companies and service providers you see have the skills, competencies and capabilities you need.

To narrow your search, look for details like years in business, licenses, memberships to professional organizations, etc. It’s also wise to look into real customer reviews and testimonials to see what working with the landscape maintenance contractors you consider is like.

What Landscape Maintenance Services Should I Get?

Austin landscape maintenance is about the long game! Maintenance services are less involved than full design and installation services. Your goal is to find a contractor who can keep your landscape in Austin healthy and beautiful for years!

The best landscape maintenance companies offer full-service maintenance. That means they handle every aspect of your landscaping, including lawn mowing, plant fertilization, yard clean-ups, mulching and more.

Do Portfolios Matter When Choosing a Landscape Company?

Always look at portfolios when choosing a company to care for your Austin landscape maintenance needs. Portfolios show real-world examples of past work. Many companies focus on new installations and fresh landscaping design. However, you should ask about the properties a potential landscape maintenance company cares for in the long term.

Request to see examples of how landscape maintenance companies approach these jobs so you can better understand the level of service they provide and the results of their ongoing care.

What Values Should I Care About When Choosing Landscape Maintenance Contractors?

Hiring professionals for landscape maintenance services is the start of a long-term working relationship. Ideally, the company you employ this spring will be the one you return to next year, the year after and so on. Several core values and principles can make or break your professional relationship.

The things you want to pay attention to most are good communication, punctuality and reliability. The best landscape maintenance companies offer a single point of contact you can call. All the while, they provide consistent results while working hard to meet your precise needs.

At Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service, we’re proud to meet the mark! We’re a landscape maintenance contractor with nearly a decade of experience taking care of clients in Austin and the surrounding areas. We’re experts in Austin landscape maintenance and strive to exceed your expectations. No matter the size of your property, our team is ready to keep it healthy, safe and beautiful.

In addition to landscaping, we’re available to help with landscape design and installation, irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, lawn care and more.

Let Sullivan’s show you why so many residential and commercial property owners trust us to maintain their landscape in Austin. Call us today at (512)599-4565 for a free quote. If you prefer, you can also submit our online form or email the team at