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Austin, Texas

Austin is The Lone Star State’s capital. While the city has a long and illustrious history, it’s the fastest-growing metropolitan area in America. People worldwide are moving to Austin, and it’s not hard to see why. Known for its eclectic culture, great food, and booming live music scene, it’s one of the best places to call home! If you want the best residential or commercial landscaping Austin has ever seen, you can turn to Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service. We proudly serve Austin and the surrounding areas, providing services like commercial landscaping, lawn care, outdoor lighting, irrigation, landscaping design, property clean-ups, and more. At Sullivan’s, we’re dedicated to helping you create and maintain a yard worth showing off.

What is the History of Austin?

Austin’s history goes back thousands of years. Archeological sites indicate that humans inhabited the area as far back as the late Ice Age! However, the city we know and love today didn’t begin to form until the 1830s. The first permanent Anglo settlers created a village in Central Austin, choosing a site near the Colorado River. The town went by the name of “Waterloo.”

After Texas gained its independence from Mexico in 1839, Texans chose Waterloo as the new republic’s capital. The Texas Congress later sought a site to build a new city and chose the north bank of the Colorado River near Waterloo. As the new town developed, Texans continued to call it Waterloo. However, the name later changed to Austin, after the “father of Texas,” Stephen F. Austin.

By 1840, Austin’s population was at 856. In 1845, Texas was annexed by the United States, and two statewide elections kept Austin the state capital. Austin prospered in the coming century, becoming known for its technology and economic activity. Austin experienced a cultural, political, and economic transformation in the last couple of decades. People moved to the area in droves, resulting in its modern population of around 960,000. The greater Austin metropolitan area is home to nearly 2.5 million.

What Services Does Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service Provide in Austin?

Austin’s reputation for natural beauty precedes it! When you need help from a company that offers the best residential and commercial landscaping Austin has ever seen, Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service is here to help. Here’s what we can do for you.

Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Services: Your Premier Residential and Commercial Landscaping Company in Austin

When you need landscaping and yard work done right, turn to Sullivan’s. We’re a trusted landscaping company with years of experience helping property owners in Austin and the surrounding areas. We’re fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind, and our trained technicians will work hard to meet your needs. We’re eager to help with commercial landscaping, new lawn installation, lawn care, outdoor lighting, irrigation systems, yard clean-ups, and more. Contact us today via our online form to get a free quote. You can also call us at (512) 599-4565. Reach out today to see what we can do for your property!