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New Lawn Installation

With our mission to exceed expectations and create gorgeous lawns for commercial and residential clients, we continue to strive towards becoming the neighborhood lawn care company offering professionalism and a catered-to style service. Whether you’re starting from scratch, with a blank slate needing exponential growth, or need the fine-tuning of regular routine maintenance and preventative care, the Sullivan’s lawn care team specializes in comprehensive landscaping and lawn care needs, tailored to your unique needs and preferences. View our new lawn installation services below, and learn more about the essentials for creating a manicured and lush green yard. 

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Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

-Tree Trimming- Prevent excessive growth, which will block your lawn from sunlight, with our tree trimming service. Additionally, pruning unnecessary and excess branches not only protects the structural shape and weight distribution of your trees, but promotes healthy growth by preventing harmful diseases from spreading.

-Mulch- Provide your landscaping with a face-lift by mulching your plants and beds with a protective and attractive fresh layer. The benefits of mulching include shielding against extreme heat and dry winds, and adding optimal nutrients for annual and perennial plants.

-Weeding- Prevent competitive weed growth from over-crowding landscaping and grass, and from using vital nutrients and water sources. Let Sullivan’s lawn care team take care of this tedious task, and schedule along with fresh mulch and shrub trimming for a visually appealing look.

-Shrub Trimming- Routine shrub trimming improves appearance and promotes flowering. Remove dead, overgrown, or diseased branches for adequate sunlight, a structurally sound shrub, and an updated landscape appeal.

-Leaf Removal- Schedule our leaf removal service to contribute to new lawn installation, not allowing your grass or soil to be deprived of proper sunlight and air. Leaf removal is necessary to allow evaporation and prevent mold, and our team at Sullivan’s Landscape and Lawn Service is happy to take care of this for you.

Sullivan’s Landscaping Services 

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Schedule our aeration services one to two times per year for existing lawns, and before new lawn installations. All lawns benefit from aerating, but an award winning front lawn demands it. Aerating your lawn creates direct pathways for water and air to penetrate the soil by removing “plugs”. Do not remove these plugs after aerating, picking these up is a tedious task and they will break down on their own within one to two weeks. With the newly created pathways, it will assist in alleviating soil compaction, allowing soil and seeds room to establish roots systems, encouraging fast acting growth. Before aerating your yard, schedule our lawn care team to prep the surface with a mowing service, making sure any existing grassy areas are nice and low. 

Top Dressing

Following up your aeration with top dressing adds vital nutrients and creates layered soil depths, promoting lush and healthy grass. Top dressing is ideal for both residential and commercial lawns, reducing stress, repairing damage, and contributing to steady growth rates. By spreading a thin layer of organic material, it amends the soil and fills it back in with rich nutrients. Your new lawn installation will grow through the top dressing, and will be healthier from it. The top dressing acts a rejuvenating aid as it improves soil quality.

Sod & New Seeds

Sod installation and new lawn seeds can be laid anytime during the growing season, as long as the ground is not frozen and you have proper water supply to establish roots and maintain growth during the hot season. We recommend scheduling new lawn installation during spring and early autumn for optimal temperatures and adequate rain. To ensure your lawn will flourish and have long-lasting results, appropriate prep work is necessary for healthy and sustainable growth. Our lawn installation services include both aeration and top dressing to prepare for new sod or revitalize existing grass.

Follow-Up Services

With our expansive landscape and lawn care services, following up after your soil management and new lawn installation provides the essential tools to maintain and sustain your fresh yard, supervising growth to maturity. View the links below for your essential follow-up needs.