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Cedar Park, Texas

Cedar Park is a beautiful suburb of Austin, Texas. It’s northwest of Central Austin and boasts a population of over 77,000 people. Close to the state’s tech mecha and home to the H-E-B Center, Cedar Park attracts visitors far and wide. If you own a home or business in Cedar Park, let Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service help you make your property look its best. We offer services like commercial landscaping, landscaping design, outdoor lighting, property clean-up, irrigation systems, ongoing lawn care, and more. We’re ready to help your property become a proud part of Cedar Park’s natural beauty.

What is the History of Cedar Park?

This beautiful suburb didn’t incorporate until 1973, but its history goes back nearly a hundred years earlier! The first American settlers to occupy the area created a small community called Running Brush during the mid-19th century.

In 1873, the Cluck family purchased 329 acres in modern-day Cedar Park. A decade later, the Austin and Northwestern Railroad passed through the area, spurring its growth. The community got a new name, Bruggerhoff. But that name didn’t stick, largely because of the community’s trouble spelling and pronouncing it. So, the son of the Cluck family renamed it Cedar Park in 1887.

One thing that stands out about Cedar Park is its gorgeous trees. When the Cluck family handed over land for development, they stipulated that part of it must be a park. That dedication to nature remains today.

Throughout the next several decades, Cedar Park grew slowly. But that changed in the 1950s and 1960s when the growth of Austin resulted in new housing developments popping up throughout the area. It was incorporated in 1973, and by the new millennium, Cedar Park was attracting businesses while becoming the area we love today.

What Services Does Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service Offer in Cedar Park?

Having a well-maintained property is a must for Cedar Park homeowners and businesses. When you need a company that can provide the best residential and commercial landscaping Cedar Park has to offer, look no further than Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service. Here’s a quick glimpse of what we can do for you.

  • Landscaping Design & Installation, Cedar Park, TX: At Sullivan’s, we’re ready to make your vision a reality. Create a backyard oasis, turn your yard the envy of your neighborhood, and boost property value.
  • Commercial Landscaping, Cedar Park, TX: Make your commercial property work in your company’s favor. A landscaped commercial property can improve safety, attract new business, and make your location a landmark in your community.
  • New Lawn Installation, Cedar Park, TX: Say goodbye to dead grass and a boring landscape. Our technicians can select the right grass for your needs and install a brand-new lawn that instantly improves your curb appeal.
  • Outdoor Lighting, Cedar Park, TX: Outdoor lights can transform your property, making it safer and more inviting after dark.
  • Yard Clean-Up, Cedar Park, TX: Don’t let some yard debris ruin your yard! Our team can clean up fallen leaves, pick up after-storm messes, and remove old plants to bring your property back to life.
  • Irrigation Systems, Cedar Park, TX: An integrated irrigation system gives you an easy way to keep your lawn healthy while improving your property’s value.
  • Lawn Care, Cedar Park, TX: Our regular lawn care service includes everything from grass-moving to weed-pulling. We’ll make sure your lawn looks pristine no matter what.

Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service Provides Residential and Commercial Landscaping Cedar Park Property Owners Can Trust

Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service has what it takes to bring your ideas to life while giving you a property you can proudly show off. Fully licensed and insured, we take every opportunity to exceed your expectations. Our technicians are fully trained, committed to delivering outstanding customer service, and skilled enough to provide top-notch results, no matter how extensive your project might seem. You can turn to us for commercial landscaping, landscape design and installation, outdoor lights, new lawn installation, irrigation systems, yard clean-up, lawn care services, and more. We serve Austin and the surrounding areas, including Cedar Park. Call us today at 512-599-4565 or fill out our online form to get your free job quote!