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Leander, Texas

Located north of Central Austin, Leander is an easy-going suburb known for its many natural attractions and easy-going lifestyle. Today’s population is nearly 60,000, but Leander has a long and exciting history. As part of the Greater Austin metropolitan area, its location is perfect for those wanting small-city vibes while staying in the bustle of trendy Austin. Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service proudly offers service to home and business property owners in Leander. We provide the best residential and commercial landscaping Leander offers, completing projects involving commercial landscaping, landscape design, new lawn installation, irrigation, yard clean-up, outdoor lights, ongoing lawn care, and more.

What is the History of Leander?

The area of Leander has a history of human habitation that goes back over 10,000 years. One of the city’s most beloved artifacts is the Leanderthal lady, a historical skeleton uncovered on a site that is one of the United States’ oldest intact burials.

American settlers came to the area around 1845. Some of the first people to settle there received grants for service in the Texas Revolution. They primarily lived in log cabins and were frequent targets for Native Americans. The Texas Rangers went in to protect locals, erecting the first building in Williamson County.

The town went by Bagdhad in its earliest years. The first post office opened in 1858, and many businesses moved there. Farming became a mainstay, and the Austin to Lampasas railway that moved through the area spurred growth even more. As railways became more prominent in Texas, the booming population established the town of Bagdhad in 1882.

Leander’s population grew over the next century. It became an incorporated city in 1978. Rapid growth and expansion occurred, resulting in more homes and new developments. Today, Leander has the largest school district in Williamson County. It’s also home to a beautiful golf course, a booming business community, and more.

What Services Does Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service Offer in Leander?

The Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service team is ready to do the best residential and commercial landscaping Leander has ever seen! Here’s what we can do for you.

  • Landscaping Design and Installation, Leander, TX: Take your property to new heights. Landscaping from Sullivan’s can create unique outdoor living spaces while giving your property a look that’s fit for a magazine.
  • Commercial Landscaping, Leander, TX: Attract new customers and stand out in your community. We offer the best commercial landscaping Leander offers, completing projects that boost your company’s bottom line.
  • Irrigation Systems, Leander, TX: With a new irrigation system, you can keep your lawn healthy without the hassle of manual watering.
  • New Lawn Installation, Leander, TX: Whether you’re revamping your existing yard or you moved into a new Leander development, our lawn installation service will give you instant curb appeal.
  • Lawn Care Service, Leander, TX: Let us take care of your yard all year lawn. Our technicians can work with you to develop a maintenance schedule that keeps your yard healthy and looking great.
  • Property Clean-up, Leander, TX: Our property clean-up service is perfect for after-storm debris or seasonal maintenance. We can also remove old trees and clean up flower beds.
  • Outdoor Lighting, Leander, TX: Outdoor lighting makes your property safer and more inviting than ever. You can enjoy your property throughout the night with spotlights, accent lights, and ambient lighting.

Why Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service Should Be Your Go-To Company for Residential and Commercial Landscaping in Leander

Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service has served property owners in Austin and the surrounding areas for many years, including Leander. We have hundreds of happy customers who continue to enjoy their beautifully manicured lawns! We provide various services, including commercial landscaping, landscape design and installation, irrigation system installation, yard clean-up, outdoor lighting, new lawn installation, and more. We’re fully licensed and insured. We also offer transparent pricing for your peace of mind. Ready to take your Leander property to new heights? Complete our online form or call us at (512) 599-4565 to get your free project quote today!