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Pflugerville, Texas

Pflugerville (pronounced “floogerville”) is a thriving city northeast of Austin. The name comes from the German word “Pflüger,” which means “plowman.” But it’s more than just the name that reflects the city’s roots. Pflugerville keeps the area’s German heritage alive through memorable festivals and great architectural preservation. If you’re a property owner in this beautiful Texan city, turn to Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service. We will proudly take care of all your commercial landscaping, landscaping design and installation, new lawn installation, irrigation system, clean-up, lawn care, and outdoor lighting needs. We’re ready to provide the best residential and commercial landscaping Pflugerville offers.

What is the History of Pflugerville?

The first settlers to call the area of modern Pflugerville home were a group of German immigrants led by Henry Pfluger. Pfluger was a successful farmer in Germany but lost his land to the Prussian War. He took his family to Texas and settled down around 1850.

After the Civil War, the community grew. By 1890, there was a general store, a Lutheran Church, and a school. A modest downtown area developed in the coming decades, but most residents did their banking and shipping in nearby Round Rock. Pflugerville’s population took off when the Missouri–Kansas–Texas railroad was built in 1904. Ten years later, there were roughly 500 residents in Pflugerville. While the population slumped in the coming decades, the town experienced a resurgence in the 1960s. It grew enough to become incorporated in 1965.

The turn of the millennium gave Pflugerville its most prosperous period. Nearby Austin expanded rapidly, and surrounding cities like Pflugerville benefited greatly. In 2000, the population was over 16,000. But as of 2022 was nearly 67,000!

What Services Does Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service Offer in Pflugerville?

When you need the best residential and landscaping Pflugerville has ever seen, Sullivan’s Landscaping and Lawn Service has you covered. Here’s what we can do for property owners in Austin and the surrounding areas, including Pflugerville.

  • Commercial Landscaping, Pflugerville, TX: Take your business in Pflugerville to new heights of success! With the commercial landscaping service from Sullivan’s, you can transform your property to attract new customers, invest in your company’s success, and see how much curb appeal matters.
  • Landscaping Design and Installation, Pflugerville, TX: New landscaping can make your home special. Our designers and installers can create outdoor living spaces, breathtaking gardens, hardscaping features full of texture, and more.
  • New Lawn Installation, Pflugerville, TX: Sometimes, you only need a new lawn! We can install the right type of grass to work with Pflugerville weather, boosting your property value and making you the talk of the neighborhood.
  • Irrigation Systems, Pflugerville, TX: There’s no better addition to good landscaping than a well-design irrigation system. Put watering your lawn on autopilot.
  • Outdoor Lighting, Pflugerville, TX: Lighting can transform homes and businesses. It improves security, extends your living space outside, and establishes whatever feeling you want.
  • Clean-Up Service, Pflugerville, TX: Whether it’s fallen leaves, poorly maintained garden beds, or debris after a storm, our team can do the heavy lifting to make your property look as good as new.
  • Lawn Care Service, Pflugerville, TX: Protect your landscaping investment with regular lawn care. Our team will do everything from cutting grass to providing specialty plant care, ensuring your lawn looks perfect year-round.

Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service: Providing Residential and Commercial Landscaping Pflugerville Can Trust

When you need to transform your property, give Sullivan’s Landscaping & Lawn Service a call. We’re ready to handle all your landscaping and design, commercial landscaping, new lawn installation, irrigation system, outdoor lighting, clean-up, and lawn care needs! We have many years of experience serving property owners in Austin and the surrounding areas, and we’re proud to be the go-to landscaper for many Pflugerville residents! When you call us, you can expect top-notch service, transparent pricing, and an unwavering commitment to deliver great results. Call us at 512-599-4565 or complete our online form to get your free project quote today!