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Can Professional Landscaping Increase Your Home Value?

Can Professional Landscaping Increase Your Home Value?

When you enter an impressive neighborhood, what’s the first thing you notice? Chances are, it’s professional landscaping! Good residential landscaping and lawn care can dramatically impact curb appeal. It instantly makes a home look more polished and inviting. But that’s not all.

Landscapers in Austin can give residential and commercial properties a whopping 15 percent boost in value! Maintained lawns and eye-catching design elements shape people’s impressions when passing your property. While Austin landscaping does come with added costs, it’s an investment that can pay off handsomely.

Why Should You Invest in Residential Landscaping and Lawn Care?

Austin landscaping maintenance is necessary to boost property value as much as possible. Nothing ruins a home’s look faster than overgrown lawns, dead plants, and twisting roots poking through bare soil. Poor maintenance devalues your property, making it look neglected and severely unkempt.

Fortunately, landscaping maintenance in Austin can help you avoid those outdoor disasters. A reliable residential landscaping and lawn care company can eliminate the hassle of mowing the grass, watering plants, and pruning trees. All you have to do is enjoy your pristine yard.

How Can Professional Landscaping Design and Planning Make a Difference?

Having beautiful landscaping in Austin is about more than mowing the grass. A lack of proper care can make existing plants look unhealthy. Every plant in your yard is unique, and you need people who understand the complexities of lawn care to create a plan that works for your property.

Landscaping design in Austin involves carefully planned irrigation and plant placement. Plant experts can determine the best plants for your yard based on sun exposure and temperature. Then, they can design an irrigation system that automates landscaping maintenance in Austin.

Irrigation systems reduce costs, help conserve water, and add even more to the value you get with the beautiful lawn it will maintain.

What Design Features Add the Most Value for Landscaping Design in Austin?

You can add many design elements to your property with Austin landscaping. Ultimately, what’s best for you depends on your family’s needs. But if you need guidance, here are some of the most valuable landscaping additions worth considering.

1. Trees – Trees provide shade and dramatically change landscaping design in Austin. They get better with maturity, giving you years of beauty.
2. Lighting – Accent lighting, lamps, sconces, and more can create a gorgeous ambiance and improve safety.
3. Planters – Planters can provide a pop of color and help Texas landscapers create defined outdoor spaces.
4. Shrubs – Bushes and shrubs can line pathways and create visual interest around every corner.
5. Deck and patios – These additions extend your living space and dramatically improve your Austin landscaping design.
6. Water features – fountains, pools, and ponds add life to your backyard and create a stunning focal point.

Can Professional Landscaping Attract Buyers?

Good landscaping design in Austin can substantially improve your property value. However, the turnkey nature of professional landscaping can also attract buyers whenever you sell.

Homes in Austin with outdoor landscaping tend to sell faster than those without because that added value makes them highly sought-after in real estate. Features like decks, water features, and irrigation systems can also be valuable selling points that many sellers look for

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